Organisers announce closure of camexpo

After a run of 14 years, Diversified Communications, the organisers of camexpo, has sadly announced that this year’s event was the last and that the show will not run again.

According to Carsten Holm, managing director of Diversified UK, the decision was taken following consultation with leading supporters and exhibitors, who agreed that a decline in the audience attending the show over the past few years was unsustainable, making it difficult to justify the cost of attending an event on the scale of camexpo.

Commenting on the decision, Mr Holm said: “We are incredibly sad to have come to this conclusion, but unfortunately camexpo doesn’t attract the same numbers as it used to.  Everyone has worked so hard on making the event a success, with a fantastic seminar line-up and more marketing and sales activity than ever, yet the show has been declining and it’s difficult to see what can be done to reverse the consistent downward trend.

“The hardest thing of all is that we will be saying goodbye to so many incredible and supportive friends.  You have all been amazing, whether as speakers, exhibitors, practitioners, or supporters.  Unfortunately, we will also be saying goodbye to event director Zoe Campbell, whose incredible passion and dedication made camexpo such an important event for the complementary and alternative health sector.”

Mr Holm went on to conclude: “Whilst this unfortunately marks the end of camexpo, the work done by all the amazing practitioners in the complementary and alternative sector is more important than ever.  There’s a big job to do out there, so please keep up the incredible work.  And thankfully there are other great learning and networking events out there, including the successful CAM Summits.

“Thank you all for some great years and amazing memories!”


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