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Positive Health PH Online www.positivehealth.com is a uniquely authoritative complementary health internet site, with considerable content derived from the entire archive of 223 Issues: 150 issues of Positive Health (PH) print magazine plus online Issues 151-223, published over 21+ years. PH Online’s intent is to provide reliable information from internationally recognized experts in each field. In addition to >3000 articles, illustrated with original artwork, there are more than 3000 research summaries across many subjects, providing visitors with up-to-date published research about CAM from peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as tens of thousands of links to organizations and associations within medical and therapeutic fields. The Editor and co-founder, Sandra Goodman PhD is an internationally published scientist and author who set up the Nutrition and Cancer database for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Register for the free PH e-newsletter on www.positivehealth.com

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